Our journey through nature

Posted by Amber on 4 September 2014 | 0 Comments

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Sometimes there are just no words to describe how blessed you feel after sharing a day with like minds, like hearts and all in the name of connecting with the land.

On Saturday, 31st August 2014 our Community House at Hovea was home to 22 dear guests who joined us for our first 'Journey Through Nature' day. The day started with a welcome to country by our honoured Noongar Elder, Dr Noel Nannup. Noel lovingly shared his knowledge of country with us throughout the day, starting with a journey through John Forest National Park. The recent rains meant that the Jane Brook was in full flow reminding us of how lucky we are to have such beautiful streams at our doorstep!

Sharing lunch together at Community House was just gorgeous and it was so lovely that everyone brought a plate - an offering of true community spirit. In the afternoon, with the mud squelching beneath our shoes, our eager team of volunteers meandered their way along the creek to fulfil their 'service' to nature, by planting wee little seedlings along the creek line (massive thanks to the lovely Robin from the Mundaring Garden Centre for lovingly growing the seedlings for us). And, as is true to the Blue Body way, the day finished with a gentle sound healing journey, with much love and appreciation to Sound Healer, Julian Silburn (www.soundalchemy.com.au) for taking us on a magical transformational journey. 

One thing that really stood out to us from the 'Journey Through Nature' day was how Noel would so beautifully remind us of the connectedness of all things - the plants, the animals, the weather and the people. Noel said that in Noongar culture, no one was ever alone for community was everywhere for it was in the landscape in which you lived. He noted that the earth was our first mother, and from her came everything. Such an important reason to care more for the ground upon which we walk, and the people to whom we talk. 

To all the beautiful people who joined us on the day, to Dr Noel Nannup, Juilan Silburn and the Blue Body team who brought it all together - we share our love and appreciation for making the day so special! We can't wait to share the next Journey Through Nature with you.

With love,

Blue Body

For more pics of the day, check out our facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/blue.body.spiritual.centre