Spring Open House Cafe

Posted by Amber on 17 November 2014 | 0 Comments

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What does Spring time feel like to you? Is it the fragant smell of the blossoming flowers that greet you upon your path? Is it feeling the warmth of the sun as the fresh, crisp breeze sweeps by and gently cools your skin? Is it the 'fresh start' you're creating, setting about with a checklist of how you'd like to feel lighter, brighter, healthier and happier this summer?

For us, it's all of the above and what better way to celebrate the season of Spring then by coming together with like minds, like hearts and a whole lot of happy vibes for our Spring Open House Cafe in Hovea on Saturday - the last Open House Cafe for 2014. 

The day began in silence, a powerful reminder that within each and every one of ous lies profound wisdom. And, in a world where we're easily caught up with the hustle and bustle of every day life, we rarely take the time to truly hear the powerful inner voice that is forever guiding us. Beginning the day in silence, allowed us to be still, be aware and let go as we gently moved into meditation and a powerful candle blessing with Chiu Chi. We then gathered our mats, blankets and bolsters for a lovingly guided restorative yoga session - encouraging us to rest our mind and better connect with our body (and our selves). A short break then followed, so we could freshen our tummies with lemongrass and ginger tea, vegan rice paper rolls and choc dipped fruit - nommm nomm!!!

The group healing session with Chiu Chi was very powerful - a good exercise in not only leaving you feeling lighter and more energised, it taught us that we can all support each other on the healing journey - all you need is a bucket of salt water, two hands and an open, loving heart. We then filled our tummies (again!) with yummy food from the Blue Body Kitchen - this included spicy rice salad, Ayurvedic Kitchari and green leafy and bean salads - and yes, it IS all good for you! 

To finish the day, the beautiful January (from Januarys Light) took us through a magical sound healing journey, opening our hearts, soothing our bodies and leaving us in pure bliss as the day drew to a close. 

With heartfelt thanks to all the beautiful people who joined us on Saturday. We left the day with love in our hearts and spring in our step! 


Blue Body x