Energy Healing with Chiu Chi Wen

Energy healing with Chiu Chi is based on the Pranic Healing method – a non-invasive, no-touch healing technique which uses life force (the energy that flows through all living things) to help address physical, mental and emotional imbalances. The Pranic Healing method draws on two key principles; helping the body to heal itself (the law of self-recovery) and increasing the amount of life energy flowing through the body (the law of prana /life energy).

Put simply, it’s like taking a ‘spiritual’ shower where the old, disharmonious energy is washed away and replaced with fresh, harmonious energy - helping you to feel lighter, brighter and happier! If you’re looking for more information on the Pranic Healing Method, please have a look-see at the links we’ve posted below.

One-on-one Sessions

Chiu Chi offers one-on-one energy healing sessions by appointment. During your session, Chiu Chi will discuss any key issues or concerns you feel are impacting on your general feeling of wellbeing. He will then scan your energy system (chakras) before cleansing, energising and balancing your energy system, helping to give you a greater feeling of harmony and happiness. The healing is a no-touch method and is conducted while you are seated in a chair – all you need to do is come dressed comfortably, close your eyes and relax.

One-on-one appointments with Chiu Chi are available by contacting Inner Sanctuary Mosman Park.

“Pranic Healing is a science that uses Laws of Nature which people do not know or are not aware of. Miracles are fantastic events which utilise hidden Laws of Nature. Miracles do not break the Laws of Nature; they are actually based on them.”

- Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.