The Buddha Sanctuary is a quiet and serene space for meditation, inner reflection and spiritual practice - making it the perfect space to practice yoga in Broome. We hold classes daily in our open-air yoga pavilion, and our classes are suitable for all levels of experience. We welcome anyone and everyone – whether you’re looking to pop-in for a one-off class or whether you’re wanting to attend for ongoing, regular practice.

We believe in running yoga classes that are open and inclusive, safe, caring and honouring of all levels of practice. Our classes are taught with a strong focus on body awareness, ensuring correct alignment and maximum benefit, and are based on four styles of yoga: 

Hatha - The practice of postures (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama) to bring about a sense of peace and well-being. This helps to prepare the body and mind for deeper spiritual practice such as meditation.

Sivananda - Classical Hatha Yoga with long held postures, with good focus on breath awareness.

Iyengar Yoga – Yoga based on a strong discipline which focuses on precision and alignment in the performance of a posture. Classes use props and equipment to assist in experiencing the full benefits of the pose correctly, regardless of ability or age.

Elemental Yoga - A blend of Vinyasa (flowing movement synchronised with the breath) and Classical Hatha (static holding of postures), with some Kundalini and Tantric influences. This practice draws on the changing nature of the environment and how this affects us within.  Each day, season and moon cycle influences the sequencing and structure of the class, to help create  balance and harmony.

Our teachers are highly experienced and skilled, and they’re warm, welcoming and admittedly, just a little bit wonderful! All classes are a little different in nature and our teachers are too, so we recommend you try a few classes along the way to find the one that resonates with you most. 

We have mats, bolsters, props, blankets and everything you need for your practice (even some tree frog ‘on-lookers’ that join us from time to time!).

Our classes are valued at $20 per class for a one-off, and $150 for a 10-class pass. Class times and teachers change with the seasons, so please sign up to our email list, follow us on Facebook.