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Energy Healing

Energy Healing.

Our Energy Healing technique is based on Pranic Healing – a no-touch healing method that uses prana (the energy that flows through all living things) to address physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Put simply, it’s a ‘spiritual shower’ where the old, disharmonious energy is washed away and replaced with fresh, harmonious energy – helping you to feel lighter, brighter and happier!

*Please note: Chiu Chi is not taking Energy Healing appointments at this time.

What to expect.

A non-invasive experience.

We work with the energy body, in a no-touch kind of way.

A seat.

Our healings happen in a chair, mostly. There may be a moment during your session where you need to stand but it won’t be for long, we promise!

Comfort – dress for it.

Wear loose and light clothing if possible.

Take your time.

The new energy takes time to integrate. We strongly recommend you create space and some peace and quiet for yourself after your session so you can ease back into your day.

Appreciation is expressing love for what we have. And from that space of genuine appreciation, you bring more goodness into your life.

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