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About Us

What we do.

We offer regular meditation classes and one-on-one energy healings (by appointment) at our Inner Sanctuary, Perth. We also hold daily yoga classes at our Buddha Sanctuary, Broome. And we’re putting a whole lot of love and energy into bringing you a nourishing mix of the above, retreat style, late 2024 at our Life Sanctuary in Hovea.

Our meditation and energy healing techniques come from Pranic Healing – an energy healing method developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that uses prana (the energy that flows through all living things) to balance and harmonise the body’s energy field.

We help people, no matter where they’re at on their spirtual journey, to expand their awareness and further their development.

Why we do it.

Put simply, we want more people to feel good, more often. This starts with learning how to charge up on harmonious, life-giving energy and it’s something you can do for yourself if you have access to the right experiences, techniques and teachings.

We believe if we can make ourselves happy through meditation and energy healing, then so can you. That’s why we do what we do.

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Who we are.

This is Chiu Chi - our meditation and energy healing teacher and the founder of Blue Body. Chiu Chi has been practising meditation and energy healing for more than 25 years, and it’s with him (and his hugely kind heart) that our story begins.

Chiu Chi created Blue Body in 2011 because, through direct experience with meditation and energy healing, he felt lighter, brighter and happier. He wanted others to feel this too and he wanted people to know that they can create their own happiness, when given the space and opportunity to learn how. And so, ta-da, here we are!

Chiu Chi's Blog

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    During meditation, I place 12 candles on a large round mirror to represent the Spiritual Sun. You...
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    One of the most common conversations around meditation is that while meditating helps people feel...
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    Here I stand on Sacred Land Today, I’m sharing something special with you. It’s a prayer I wrote...
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    Know your truth. And then question it. People are often curious as to how I became involved in...
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    Love is more than the pre-printed words in a hallmark card. It is more than the spoken affection...
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    I was recently asked “do you have a piece of advice to offer humanity right now?” I smiled and...
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    It won’t choose oceans over rivers. It won’t prize green-carpeted mountains over the barren...
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    In these testing times, many feel alone, lost and disconnected from what they believed brought...

Chiu Chi Recommends


Autobiography of a Yogi

by Paramahansa Yogananda

Chronicles of Tao

by Deng Ming-Dao

Ponder on This, Esoteric Healing

and other books by Alice Bailey

All writings by

Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov

Other authors to explore:

C.W. Leadbeater
Annie Besant
Geoffrey Hodson
Paul Brunton


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