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Feel lighter, brighter and happier with Blue Body.

Our Locations

  • Inner Sanctuary
    Mosman Park

    Come along to weekly meditation or experience energy healing.

  • Buddha Sanctuary

    Join us for daily yoga or visit our Guan Yin meditation garden.

  • Life Sanctuary
    Perth Hills

    Welcoming you in late-2024.

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Our weekly meditation is guided by Meditation Teacher, Chiu Chi Wen and held at our Inner Sanctuary, Mosman Park.

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Our daily yoga classes are held at our Buddha Sanctuary, Broome. Sessions are based on Hatha, Sivananda, Iyengar and Elemental Yoga.

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Energy healing

One-on-one energy healing sessions are available at our Inner Sanctuary, Mosman Park by appointment.

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Special events

There is lots of love and energy going into other special things right now, so we don’t have any events happening. We can let you know when we do.

Words of wisdom - Blue Body blog

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Chiu Chi'sms

A collection of Chiu Chi’s notes and a place to shares his thoughts, reflections and teachings.
  • Letting Go

    It’s Autumn, a time when we slowly wind down to the cocooning season of winter. Autumn is the...
  • Ocean Breathing

    Ocean breathing is a very powerful technique for letting go. It can be done anywhere by closing...
  • Be open to letting go

    Our Buddha Sanctuary Manager, Helen recently put together some thoughts on how yoga, a...
  • The season, forgiving.

    As we enter the holiday season, many of us can start to feel overwhelmed by ‘life’. We’re...
  • A journey to be celebrated

    In October this year, we celebrated twenty years of the Buddha Sanctuary in Broome. The Buddha...
  • The story of Flow & Rocky

    Once upon a time, there was a big boulder named Rocky. He was a mighty rock. He was big, he was...
  • Vitamin Qi

    Those who have joined us for a meditation or energy healing workshop, would have heard me often...
  • Be the Light unto the World

    During meditation, I place 12 candles on a large round mirror to represent the Spiritual Sun. You...
  • Yin is in...but so is Yang!

    When thinking about how to become powerful, whole and complete, it is important to consider how...
  • Words count

    Have you ever questioned the words we speak, the power they hold, and whether we are saying what...
  • Finding your Rays

    One of the most common conversations around meditation is that while meditating helps people feel...
  • Here I stand on Sacred Land

    Here I stand on Sacred Land Today, I’m sharing something special with you. It’s a prayer I wrote...
  • Know your truth. And then question it.

    Know your truth. And then question it. People are often curious as to how I became involved in...
  • Love is...

    Love is more than the pre-printed words in a hallmark card. It is more than the spoken affection...
  • Watch what you are watching.

    I was recently asked “do you have a piece of advice to offer humanity right now?” I smiled and...
  • Nature does not judge

    It won’t choose oceans over rivers. It won’t prize green-carpeted mountains over the barren...
  • We’re searching… for a new meaning of life

    In these testing times, many feel alone, lost and disconnected from what they believed brought...

Happiness comes from being the river - flexible, flowing and sustaining life.

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