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Our meditation is guided by Chiu Chi Wen and is focused on creating loving kindness. During meditation we bless mother earth and humanity, bringing in universal aspects of Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. We use mantras, prayers and spiritual verses that connect us with our ‘higher selves’ and create empowerment through a sense of wholeness, happiness and inner peace.

It is a non-religious practise and open to anyone wanting to further their spiritual journey, simply be still, be aware and let go.

*Please note - Chiu Chi is currently not holding weekly meditation classes at our Inner Sanctuary, Mosman Park. 

Please see recordings below to help you with your practise at home. 

What to expect.


Our weekly meditations start with a spiritual discussion and intro (30 min approx.), followed by a guided meditation (45min approx.)


We have chairs, bolsters, and mats for however you wish to sit with us. Wear what you like. But you’ll feel better in comfy clothes.


You can choose to participate in group chanting, or just enjoy the energy it creates.

Meditation allows you to return within. To be still. To reach for ‘higher truths’ and to feel good - so that you can offer that same feeling to others.

Online Meditation with Chiu Chi

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    "Om Shanti" - Singing Bowl

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    Golden Sun Meditation

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    Energy Healing

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    Full Meditation Experience

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