Terms & Conditions

Waiver and Release Form

I understand that while I am participating in any activity at the Blue Body Inner Sanctuary, I am responsible for my physical body and emotional wellbeing at all times.

I acknowledge and agree that my own health and safety is my responsibility and that I am physically fit and that I do not have any disability or medical condition that would prevent or limit my safe participation in these classes or activities. If necessary or if I am pregnant, post-natal post-surgical or undergoing medical treatment, I agree that I have consulted with my physician who has approved my participation in the activities.

I understand that in participating in any activity at the Blue Body Inner Sanctuary it is my responsibility to:
 notify the instructor of any illness, injury or health problem that may impact my participation;
 only participate to the extent that the activity does not cause my body strain or pain; and
 ensure that I do not exceed my limits during activities and rest as I require.

I acknowledge that participating in the activities may be strenuous and that there is a possibility of injury associated with participating in the activities, including any exacerbation or recurrence of injury.

To the extent permitted by law, I exclude, release and discharge Blue Body Pty Ltd, its directors, employees; and all instructors teaching the class (“Instructors”) (collectively the “Released Parties”), from any and all liability, injury, loss, damage or expense whatsoever arising out of or sustained in any way connected with my participation in any activities conducted by the Instructors, including negligence on the part of the Released Parties.