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About Chiu Chi Wen

Our Energy Practitioner and Meditation Teacher, Chiu Chi Wen has been practising meditation and energy healing for close to 20 years. Chiu Chi uses life force (the energy that flows through all living things) to offer the direct experience of loving and harmonious energy. Chiu Chi is a certified Pranic Healer and is a member of the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Australian Pranic Healers Association. His spiritual journey continues to evolve with ongoing practise and technique development under the guidance of his teacher.

Chiu Chi is a father of four and has a healthy, loving family. He has a successful business and didn’t come from an unhappy or impoverished life – he simply had an experience whereby he discovered a greater feeling of inner peace and happiness and wanted to learn how to nurture this feeling within. And now, close to two decades later, Chiu Chi dedicates his time to offering others the opportunity to experience and develop this inner peace and happiness.