Finding your Rays

Posted by Chiu Chi on 27 May 2020 | 0 Comments

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Finding your Rays

One of the most common conversations around meditation is that while meditating helps people feel more connected, calmer and happier, many find it hard to make the time to actually do it! 

As our lives begin to find their ‘busy-ness’ again, I thought I’d offer you a brief step-by-step guide on one of the quickest (and also one of the most highly effective) ways to clean your energy body – Health Ray Breathing.  And it can take as little as seven breaths! 

Surrounding our physical body, we have millions of very tiny health rays that work hard to block disharmonious energy from affecting us. While we can’t easily see them with the physical eye, health rays are best described as being similar to millions of tiny, fine straws all the way around our body (similar to how a porcupine looks with its hundreds of protective quills). Over time, and largely due to life’s trials and tribulations, these straw-like rays become clogged and matted - allowing disharmonious, negative energy to directly affect us. Cleaning up our health rays can leave us feeling a whole lot lighter, brighter and happier. 

Before you begin, I strongly recommend you:

- Try to practice this technique early in the morning, while the energy of the day is still fresh 

- Choose somewhere outside where the air is clean and fresh (preferably in nature - your garden, the park, the beach or ideally in the forest). Do not do this practise in an enclosed space, a place where there is stressful energy or a dirty contaminated area.

- Make sure you’re not close to anyone else, or any friendly pets!  You don’t want to release your ‘old stuff’ onto them and you also don’t want to be breathing in their energy. 

- And remember, as with any meditation or energy healing practice, it’s best to face East (the direction of the rising sun). 


Health Ray Breathing Technique:

- Sit in a comfortable position.

- Close your eyes with your tongue slightly touching the roof of your mouth.

- Connect with your health rays by imagining millions of tiny straws around your body (like the quills of a porcupine).

- Consciously breathe in through the straws, visualising clean and fresh white light coming into your body as you inhale. If you are doing this early morning, feel the freshness in the air before you breathe in and breathe in the fresh energy.

- Then exhale forcefully through your mouth while imagining old and unwanted (greyish) energy being expelled and let go through the straws. In addition, while breathing out, mentally ‘will’ your health rays to straighten out and be untangled.

- Repeat the inhale / exhale sequence (start with repeating it 7 times and aim to work to 21 or more breaths when you feel comfortable with the practice).

And, that’s it!

Getting yourself into a ‘better feeling place’ doesn’t need to take hours of silence and stillness. It can be as simple as becoming aware of your breath and consciously using it to inhale more fresh, life-giving prana, while releasing the old, used energy.  When you have more life in your body, you have more love in your heart. And when you have more life and more love, you have more to give to all. 

Peace be with you,

Chiu Chi