Know your truth. And then question it.

Posted by Chiu Chi on 8 May 2020 | 0 Comments

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Know your truth. And then question it.

People are often curious as to how I became involved in such a deeper, spiritual journey.
Many wonder how a boy with a Chinese background, born into an affluent life in Kuala Lumpur, decided to pursue an unconventional interest in meditation and energy healing. Some do not understand why I do what I do, and they may never understand it. Admittedly, I don’t completely understand it! But what matters to me is not that people understand my journey, it’s that we all develop a deeper understanding of who WE are and the TRUTH we believe in. And that we never stop questioning that truth.

For many years, I grew up looking for my ‘truth’ (my life’s ‘meaning’) in others. I saw and experienced suffering and emotional pain. I looked around me and noticed people acting in very unforgiving ways. I saw unfairness, control, domination, lack of compassion and an overpowering interest in ‘serving the self’. At an early age, I started to question: is this all there is?; is this my truth?; and if it is why can’t I stop questioning if there is more to life than this? I had a restless yearning inside, a boy who could not sit still in the silence of his heart. I just knew, there had to be more.

As an adult (and purely by chance), an opportunity to experience meditation and energy healing landed on my doorstep. Literally. The Pranic Healing School wanted to use my office to hold a workshop, and so I became curious. I joined in. And then I began to practise. And the more I practised, the more I became conscious of a new ‘truth’. It was as if I had switched radio stations, to one that I was ‘in tune’ with. I found a frequency that made me feel truly ALIVE! One that gave me peace and a feeling of connection to everyone and everything. It felt much like the truth that the young boy had been reaching to grasp for so long. I discovered that I was not the problems and worries around me. I was not the opinions and judgements of others. My truth was not limited by the degree of education or my ‘standing’ in society. I accepted that these ‘outside truths’ around me were indeed part of ‘me’. But there was so much more. I had found another ‘truth’ in meditation and energy healing, and it called me to question everything. I realised that by connecting with this place inside, this ‘expanded truth’, I could not only experience the ‘light within’ but also help others connect with their own light. I knew if I could experience and create happiness, then others could do this too. And I so deeply wanted to empower others to find that lightness, brightness and happiness. And so, here we are.

You see, your truth is like a stream. On an earthly level where there is much pain and suffering, our stream will be obstructed by obstacles (rocks of life) and we will pond and stagnate. If we “see” this as the truth we will live by its rules of limitation and constraint. With meditation we can “see” and experience a higher truth where we become the source of ever-flowing light, peace and happiness. You become the source of a great river that flows around obstacles of life, and indeed, swamp over these obstacles. A river doesn’t care that it’s had to change its tact to keep flowing. It does not pond and become stagnant, blaming the rock for ‘blocking its flow’. It simply adapts and finds a new flow, knowing all the while it’s creating and feeding life along its path. As a life-giving river, we are one with the great River of LIFE that feeds Mother Earth, we know that we are all ONE Body and ONE Truth.

Challenging times are obstacles placed upon our path to remind us that we always have choice. Granted, our circumstances of where and how we live differ greatly. However, we all have the choice to be the water that flows, or to sit at the foot of the rock of suffering.  At any time, we can choose our truth. And by being ‘the water’, showing flexibility and a genuine allowing of new ideas, new ways, new thoughts and new versions of reality – we can be the eternal river that knows it is one with the great ocean of life.

On the brighter side of the COVID-19 experience, I have faith that, at least for some, the challenges will lead to greater flexibility of the mind and an expanded awareness of the conscious role we play in creating our own truth. Happiness doesn’t come from a fixed truth and arguing for its ‘rightness’. It comes from being the river - flexible, flowing and sustaining life. It comes from tapping into that ever-flowing source of life within, and it comes from raising our hands to cup the waters of this source so that we can share its goodness with all.

And this, is why I do, what I do

Peace be with you,

Chiu Chi.